Predicted Log
"Just another way to lose a log race."


Tom Scott


(In good spirit telling his friends after a near perfect race between Long Beach and San Diego only to miss the last checkpoint)
Cruiser Navigation / Predicted Log – “A powerboat rally challenging the navigational skill and accuracy of a skipper in handling his/her boat and navigation out on the water against other skippers over planned courses.

"If you would like to learn more about predicted log contests, contact Bruce Clinkinbeard (949) 400-5359, Shoreline Yacht Club's Committee Co-Chairs for Predicted Log”
Shoreline Yacht Club has an active predicted log group. We have had several Southern California champions and many of the top ten Southern California Cruiser Association (SCCA) skippers are from our club. Shoreline Yacht Club has dominated the Club competition among local clubs over the last several years and has the most active predicted log fleet in Southern California. Shoreline Yacht Club skippers have also won national awards and recognition, proving that we have some of the best predicted log contests and participants in the nation! 
How does a Cruiser Navigation/ Predicted Log contest work? 
"It is a contest in which each skipper attempts to most accurately predict the time it will take to navigate a specified course in their boat. The course is published and provided to each skipper prior to the contest. The course usually consists of four or more legs totaling about 25 miles. Before the contest, skippers turn in predicted logs that specify the time they expect to use on each leg of the course. Each skipper then starts onto the course at their predicted starting time. After starting, an Observer aboard the boat collects all watches so that the skipper and crew have no knowledge of the actual time during the contest. As each mark is passed, the Observer records the time on the actual log. After completing the course, the Race Committee computes the percentage error between the predicted and actual logs for each boat. The skipper with the lowest error is then declared the winner." 
Shoreline Yacht Club is a member of the Southern California Cruiser Association (SCCA), which is affiliated with the North American Cruiser Association (NACA). For more information, check out