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Shoreline Amateur Radio Association (SARA)


HAM radio has around for over a hundred years. Its popularity has waxed and waned over the course of the years but It has always had a core of dedicated amateur operators who keep the airways alive with the.”dot”-“dash”-‘dot’-dot”of Morse code or the chatter of operators making friends with other dedicated operators all over the world. The HAM radio hobby is having resurgence lately due to the number of natural disasters that have occurred in New Orleans, Haiti, China, and Chili where ham radio was the only method of communication between a stricken area and the world at large.
You require an FCC License to operate a ham radio station but is now easier than ever to earn, Morse code is no longer required; thus simplifying the process of getting your license
HAM radio is commonly used by boaters who are cruising or crossing oceans and is an excellent back up to other forms of communication at sea, even when coastal cruising or day sailing. Ham Radio also provides critical emergency communications in disaster situations when all other means of communications are disabled or overloaded. CERT and other disaster management organizations recommend HAM Radio Licenses for their volunteers. Every year, Shoreline Yacht Club offers the complete range of classes needed for you to become a licensed radio operator as a Technician, General, or Amateur Extra.
Please contact Bill Miller at 562-818-1413: join us on the SARA Net at 146.805b + pl 162.7 Wednesday evenings at 7, or e-mail if you have any questions