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Shoreline Yacht Club is at 386 Shoreline Drive South, Long Beach CA 90802.
We are on the banks of the Downtown Shoreline Marina, across the street from the Convention Center, across the channel from the Queen Mary.
If you are driving the 710 freeway south, follow the signs bearing left for the convention center, aquarium and Shoreline Village, NOT the Queen Mary and cruise ship terminal (or you will end up on the wrong side of the LA River.) You may enter Marina Green Park via either Linden Drive (east of the club) or Shoreline Drive (west of the club.) Proceed to the large gray and white building with the huge red and blue burgee on the wall. Parking is by permit only, close to the club. You may occasionally get a parking pass at the club office. Otherwise, park in one of the city’s numbered pay slots and feed the ticket kiosk. Parking is strictly enforced around the marina. Boat owner parking is patrolled regularly, and unpermitted vehicles will be ticketed. For visitor admittance, ring the bell and an Officer of the Deck will greet you at either the front or side door.