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View of the Queen Mary from Shoreline Yacht Club's Deck

Take a Tour of Shoreline Yacht Club


If you would like to take a tour of the facility, our active Membership Committee has frequent open houses and also gives tours right after their monthly membership meeting, usually on a Saturday morning. Tours are available after 11AM. For the next scheduled open house, please check with our Club Manager at 562-435-4093.

Maybe you just got your boat, and you’re looking for a place to put her. Or maybe you’ve been boating alone for awhile and you’re hoping to meet other fanatics to cruise with. Or maybe you’ve meandered past our pale gray, Cape Cod-inspired clubhouse on Shoreline Drive and you’re noticing just how much fun we seem to be having in here...

Stop In and Visit

Whatever your motivation, welcome! We are glad you found our site, and hope to give you a warm welcome in person soon.


For visiting boaters, before you make your way to the home of Shoreline Yacht Club, Long Beach’s Downtown Shoreline Marina, we can help you gather news you’ll need for trip planning. Click here for harbor information, docking guidelines, and local intelligence. We have reciprocal rights with many other yacht clubs, and we’re happy to see if yours may be one of them.


For soon-to-be-boat-owners, we can help you through the decision of whether to go sail or power, how much to spend, where to keep her, or any of the hundreds of questions facing you. We offer a special category of membership for those who like boating and boaters but don’t have a boat of their own. We call you Shore Members, and you are very welcome to enjoy our facilities and activities with us.



Shoreline Yacht Club, Long Beach, California