Scuba Diving
There's a whole new world to explore.

Shoreline Yacht Club has a new SYC Dive Club Committee Team!!
Michael Mercer (714-322-3542).
The SYC Dive Club participates in scuba and skin diving in the local waters of Southern California. Our regularly scheduled dives will normally take place in the A.M. on the Saturday mornings during several club cruises to Catalina Island and potentially other cruise locations. The dives will be discussed at the cruise meetings before each cruise and on the SYC Dive Website.
We also hold additional member dives throughout the year. Some are spontaneous while others will be pre-scheduled local dives. Check with our Dive Club Team for upcoming dates and to join the Dive Club email list. All scuba divers must be scuba certified. Open water and advanced scuba classes may soon be available to all Shoreline Yacht Club members.
Complete our Divers Club Interest Form and forward it to so that we can add you to our mailing list and be sure you are notified of upcoming events and activities.